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Seeking Grants and Funding

Community Volunteers seek grants from many sources. Funds are secured through local RC&D Councils to solve problems and seek solutions.

Resource Conservation and Development Councils work with local volunteers to "Make Things Happen" for the community. Projects are designed by local leaders to improve the social and economic conditions of the community.

The RC&D Framework makes it possible for everyone to get involved in improving their community.

RC&D matches needed resources with local people and local problems. The platform for action provides the assistance and encouragement needed to get people excited about what they can do to improve their quality of life.

Many agencies and organizations work with RC&D Councils to implement plans and services to help the local community.

RC&D enjoys broad support from many groups, both public and private, and maintain diverse representation to help capture the interests, talents, and concerns of citizens.

Public meetings help gather input from volunteers, partners, and citizens, and make sure that RC&D is working on the issues of greatest concern to the public.


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